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Here Are the Democrats Who Steered Bailout Money into Their Own Pockets


The hacker known as Guccifer has cracked the Clinton Foundation servers and downloaded hundreds of thousands of documents and donor databases. According to Guccifer it wasn’t a difficult hack job there was virtually no security on the server.

The Clinton Crime Family’s server contains documents and donor lists from the Democratic National Committee, Democratic PACS, etc.

Here’s a snapshot.


The most revealing file could be this one. It looks like the big banks and corporations who received TARP funds from the Obama administration agreed to donate a percentage of their windfall to Democrats.


I’m sure the mainstream media will get on this as soon as they’ve run out of things to say about an 11-year-old tape of Donald Trump talking dirty. At the rate they’re going today my guess is that will be sometime in the fall of 3212.

Guccifer is promising multiple releases of information over the next few days, it will be interesting to see if the media even blinks an eye.


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