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Customs Agent STUNNED When Woman With Dead Husband’s Body Part Explains Herself


When Austria, customs officials caught a woman trying to bring her dead husband’s intestines into the country, they were absolutely disgusted. Then woman begged them to hear her out and, her reasoning was oddly legitimate.

On Sept. 8, a routine security check found a four-inch piece of intestine inside the luggage bag of the 35-year-old Moroccan woman at Graz Airport.

The woman was pulled to the side for questioning nd that is when she revealed her reasoning for carrying the decaying remains of her husband. She said that she believed that her husband had poisoned by his parents before he passed away.

The woman, who has lived in Graz for the past eight years, asked a Moroccan doctor to examine the body for evidence that her in-laws killed their son in protest of his marriage. The doctor agreed with her suspicions, and told the woman to take a small piece of the man’s intestine to Europe for testing.

The customs officials had never experienced a similar situation and called in police to decide if the woman was breaking any laws. Police spokesman Leo Josefus said it turned out to be perfectly legal to bring a sample of your dead spouse’s organs to Austria, and the woman was cleared to take the bag to a lab for examination.

I would assume that it was done by a pathologist. The intestines were absolutely secure, triple wrapped, “according to European Union norms,”. So the woman’s story checked out, at least…

She is expecting the results from the examination are expected to be available early next week. hopefully justice is served if it is indeed found to be poisoning.


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