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Corrupt and Compromised: FBI Destroys Laptops of Clinton’s Top Aides in Immunity Deal! [Video]


Earlier this year FBI Director Comey laid out an extensive record of Hillary Clinton as secretary of state being “extremely careless”, as he was interviewed by Trey Gowdy before Congress. Then, surprisingly he did NOT convict her of any wrongdoing. Then, we find out that the FBI gave immunity to several of Clinton’s aides including Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. Now, we find out that not only did FBI Director Comey give those aides immunity, but he agreed that their laptops could be destroyed as part of the immunity. Say WHAT?!

That’s right! Talk about corruption! If there was ever any evidence of a crime committed by Hillary Clinton, it was just destroyed with permission from the FBI. The disturbing part is, WHY would the FBI allow the destruction of government property and the immunity of these aides, knowing that the evidence on those computers would be destroyed?


H/T PJ Media:

The FBI agreed to destroy the laptops of two of Hillary Clinton’s top aides as part of their immunity deals, House Judiciary Committee sources revealed on Monday. The side agreements were made with former Clinton chief of staff Cheryl Mills and ex-campaign staffer Heather Samuelson and also limited the FBI’s search to no later than Jan. 31, 2015. In other words, investigators could not review documents after the server became public, “preventing the bureau from discovering if there was any evidence of obstruction of justice,” according to the sources.

Making the deal even more troubling is the fact that “once classified government records are found on a computer, that computer is considered government property,” according to a national defense attorney. As there was classified material on both Mills’ and Samuelson’s laptops, an immunity deal wasn’t even necessary because the computers were already technically government property.

Two side agreements were made for these idiots. Both Mills and Samuelson got immunity from “obstruction of justice” and got permission to destroy the laptops! Even when we know we STILL have outstanding lawsuits – against matters that are NOT resolved.

Director Comey had every right to get a search warrant and get those computers. If Director Comey or any of the FBI agents had search warrants PRIOR to the immunity, they would have got them.

Why give immunity to Cheryl Mills? We know Mills was working directlry with Hillary Clinton. Mills was copied on most of Hillary’s emails. The FBI would have had plenty of evidence if they wanted the case to move forward. But instead, they “cleaned the slate – before they even KNEW! Or did they know? You can bet Obama and Clinton knew.

When FBI Director Comey testified before Congress last week, a congressman asked why a grand jury was never called to collect evidence — including what was in those laptops. Comey answered that it was best to use “informal agreements” if you want to get things done faster.

According to Fox News, the side deals were agreed to on June 10, “less than a month before FBI Director James Comey announced that the agency would recommend no charges be brought against Clinton or her staff.”

First, the immunity deal with Clinton’s aides didn’t need to be made at all by Director Comey. Second, if the computers were found to have classified records, they are considered government property. Third, if the computers were government property, no immunity was necessary. Fourth what evidence is Director Comey STILL hiding from the public? Fourth, sadly Obama and Clinton already know that answer.

Finally, Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate running for the office of the President of the United States, has been one of the MOST corrupt people in politics, along with her husband. Remember, former president Bill Clinton was IMPEACHED for perjury and committing obstruction of justice while in office as our 42nd president.  In addition, there’s a list at least a mile long of the Clinton corruption, it makes your head spin – emails and private servers, Benghazi, Foggy Bottom, Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Travelgate, Troopergate, etc, etc.  That’s not to mention all the vandalism and theft that happened prior to George W Bush taking office.

So excuse me, when I say it doesn’t surprise me ONE bit that the FBI couldn’t find any information on Hillary Clinton, because they actually gave the “criminals”, her aides, permission to destroy the evidence. Just like Crooked Hillary did with all 13 mobile devices she used while secretary of state. Sounds to me like Hillary learned a lot from Bill and vice versa.  What really amazes me is the majority of Americans – most low-information voters – STILL want to see this lady elected as our next president. SERIOUSLY?! Get real!





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