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Cop Stops a Black Man With an Outstanding Warrant and Does THIS. Black Lives Matter.


Mark Ross is a young black man who had an outstanding warrant for his arrest and had no love for police. Last month Ross received a call from family members and Detroit letting him know that his 15-year-old sister had died. He had to get to Detroit to be with his family.

He talked to a friend into driving him home and passing through Indiana they were speeding. They were pulled over and Ross figured this was about to be the worst day of his life. Instead, this is what happened.

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That’s right, the police officer didn’t take Ross into custody but instead prayed for him and his family and then drove him 100 miles home to Detroit.

Sergeant David Robinson understand something that #BlackLivesMatter never will, he understands that black lives matter. And now Mark Ross, who had no use for the police, understands that blue lives matter. On his Facebook page Ross wrote, “Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly grateful for this guy. He gave me hope.”

“He gave me hope.” That is a commodity that groups like #BlackLivesMatter – or Democrats – will never understand or be able to relate to.


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