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CNN‼! Democratic Party Operatives Hired “Street People” to Create Riots and Violence at Trump Rallies [Video]


Democratic corruption is so bad that even the Clinton News Network (CNN) has been forced to admit it.  Project Veritas strikes again.

James O’Keefe, who runs Project Veritas, is the gift that just keeps on giving for people who care about individual freedom and liberty. O’Keefe made his name by taking down ACORN, a Democratic Party front that funneled money into a laundry list of illegal activities. The party elite, and there Democratic operatives with bylines, hate James O’Keefe with much more passion than they could ever muster for Al Qaeda.

In one of O’Keefe’s latest disclosures, he got video of the leader of the Democratic Party front group admitting that they hired people to incite violence at Donald Trump rallies.

“Discredited” my a$$. Democrats have never been able to counter O’Keefe’s video evidence. They managed to trump up a charge of being in Senator Mary Landrieu’s office “under false pretenses.” Democrats make a big deal out of that. That would be the same Democrats who ignore the fact that Hillary Clinton has been playing fast and loose – illegally – with information that breached our national security for the last seven years.

The only people who’ve ever been discredited are Democrats.

In his latest exposes, O’Keefe once again shine the light of truth on the cockroaches and the Democratic Party. As a result of his videos to Democratic operatives – one with two decades of service to the Democratic National Committee – were forced to step down.

Needless to say the Federal Election Commission will never hear about this incident or about O’Keefe’s other video showing the former Democratic National Committee official admitting that Democrats have been committing large-scale election fraud for 50 years. Guess who largely controls the Federal Election Commission?

You don’t get two guesses. If you guessed “Democrats” you’d be right. There are three members from each party who sent on the Commission, but the Democratic chairman make sure that no issues relating to Democratic lawbreaking – or the Clinton Crime Family – are ever heard.

That’s why James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas are so important. We’ve got Democrats on the record and hopefully one day that will be worth something.


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