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Is The Clinton Campaign Involved in Money Laundering


David Brock is a professional Democrat and a money launderer. At one time Brock was a speechwriter for Ronald Reagan then in the 90s he went over to the dark side and became embedded in the Clinton Crime Family.

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Today, Brock has seven non-profits, three super PACs, one 527 fundraising committee, one LLC, and one joint fundraising committee. He is also an unregistered solicitor in Washington DC. According to public filings all of his companies share the same office and telephone number. In other words, they are simply different pockets in the same pair of pants.

The Bonner Group, is professional solicitor, is a commission based fundraiser and Bonner gets a 12.5% cut on all the money it raises. When you look at how Bonner raises money you’ll see that David Brock is nothing more than a money launderer.

In 2014, Brock’s flagship company, Media Matters for America, a far left apologist for Democrats in general and the Clinton Crime Family in particular, was a beneficiary of about $10 million in fundraising by the Bonner Group.

Media Matters paid Bonner $1.1 million in commission for raising the money. Then things got interesting.

Media Matters then gave $930,000 cash grant to the Franklin Education Forum, which just happens to be a Brock organization housed in the same office space with Media Matters. The Franklin Education Forum paid Bonner $125,000 for securing the $930,000 grant.

What happened was that David Brock transferred money from one of his accounts into another of his accounts and raked off a $125,000 commission for making the transfer.

It didn’t stop there. The Franklin Education Forum (David Brock) then transferred the entire proceeds of the $930,000 grant to another David Brock company called The Franklin Forum. The Bonner Group (David Brock) then pocketed a $101,000 commission on that transfer.

The Bonner Group initially raised $10 million and before Brock was done with it he had pocketed $350,000 in “commissions.”

David Brock is the chairman of each of the organizations housed in his Media Matters offices (and remember, they all share the same phone number) and according to tax filings Brock allocates his time on a weekly basis between his organizations.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire. David Brock – Democrat – just happens to be a homosexual and his longtime live-in boyfriend threatened to go to the IRS with information about how Brock was running his money-laundering empire. Brock paid him $850,000 to shut up. Given that Brock reportedly had to sell one of his vacation homes to make the payment it would seem that Brock was terrified about what his boyfriend was going to tell the IRS.

Brock and Media Matters are certainly coordinating their efforts through Clinton campaign. It would appear that making sure Hillary gets elected is at the top of David Brock’s priority list because that may be the only thing that keeps him out of prison.

When you sleep with stray dogs David, you get fleas.


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