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Chuck Norris Spotted a Problem With the Debates That Everyone Else Missed


The three debates of the 2016 Presidential Election included more than five hours of national political coverage and Chuck Norris noticed something missing!

Surprisingly, one major topic was avoided during all three debates.

The keen fighter’s eye of the immortal Chuck Norris is the first to point it out, in his column for WND.

The great Mr. Norris wrote:

“…in all three presidential debates, not a single question was asked about the candidates’ personal faith. In roughly five hours of the national broadcasts, not one question was asked about the role of religion in our republic, either, save the mainstream media’s intoxications with Donald Trump’s alleged anti-Muslim views.”

Chuck Norris goes on to point out that, during the debate between vice presidential candidates, the moderator asked, “Can you discuss in detail a time when you struggled to balance your personal faith and a public policy position?”

Norris asserts that Faith is important to American voters and that they need to know more about the Faith of the candidates for President.

More importantly, Chuck Norris believes that “religious liberty as defined in the First Amendment has never been under more assault than it is today.”

One 2016 Conservative Review (CR) report explained that attacks against religious freedom are growing at a frightening rate.

For example, CR cataloged almost 1,300 new attacks on religion in the United States.

Here are a few examples:

  • A high-school football coach suspended for praying after football games.
  • A Marine court-martialed for refusing to take down a Bible verse.
  • An Orthodox Jewish synagogue sued by the government for meeting in a private home.
  • Veterans prohibited from practicing Native American faith rituals at a VA center.
  • Cheerleaders stopped from writing Bible verses on cheer banners.

For more detail, see the entire column at WND.

Chuck Norris has a point. We need a President who understands, supports, and defends our right to religious liberty.

How did the rest of us miss this important issue in the debates?

Now that the point has been raised, how do you feel about it?


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