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Christian Man Converts to Islam for Love. The Religion of Peace Celebrates!


This happened in Pakistan but it’s coming to your neighborhood thanks to the hard work of Barack Obama and Paul Ryan.

The sister of a Pakistani Muslim man fell in love with a Christian. Her boyfriend was head over heels in love with her as well, as a matter of fact he loved her so much he converted from Christianity to Islam.

As you would expect a Muslim family welcomed this new Muslim believer with open arms. After all, Islam is known the world over as the “Religion of Peace” and they take every opportunity to celebrate diversity in their community.

Here’s the young woman’s brother relaxing in a chair after the celebration.


How do they celebrate? The celebration actually started at the brother’s workplace. His coworkers, wanting to celebrate young love with the family, taunted him relentlessly about his sister being in love with “an infidel.” Nevermind that the infidel had converted to Islam.

The taunting went on for months and at one point he told his coworkers, “If you don’t stop, I will kill myself. Stop!” His coworkers replied, “It would be better to kill your sister.”

So, being a good Muslim and not willing to see his family dishonored by a rebellious sister, the brother bought a gun (probably using the “gun show loophole”), came home from work, and tried to reason with his sister.

“I told her I would have no face to show at the mill, to show up at my neighbors, so don’t do it. Don’t do it. But she wouldn’t listen. I could not let it go. It was all I could think about. I had to kill her. There was no choice. There was no yelling, no shouting. I just shot her dead.”

I told you, this was a Muslim family celebrating diversity.

As you can imagine, the head of the family – whose name happens to be Mohammed – was distraught. His son is been arrested, his daughter is dead, and he said, “My family is destroyed. Everything is destroyed only because of that shameful girl. Even after death I am destroyed because of her.”

Coming to your neighborhood, courtesy of Paul Ryan and Barack Obama.


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