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Chris Wallace at Fox News Confesses Hope About Trump [VIDEO]


Chris Wallace is an unusual man. His among the top-tier newsmen in the major media and is not a Democratic operative with a byline. Democrats hate him because he refuses to use their talking points as facts.

That’s why this comment by Wallace is so important.

“All of us dismiss Trump early on. A summer fling, a momentary amusement. As I watch [Trump] and hear what he has to say about the country and about trade and about losing and just the sheer force of his personality, I’m beginning to believe he could be elected President of the United States.”

I’m beginning to believe he could be elected President of the United States.

Let’s hope Chris is right because I don’t think any of us are really capable of understanding the amount of damage the Clinton Crime Family and their lackeys in the Democratic Party and the media will do to this nation if Hillary is elected.

Today, America is probably in the biggest mess it’s ever been. By the time Barack Obama leaves office we will have a $22 trillion national debt with no ceiling in sight, we have a military with probably the lowest morale in history, we have a military that is willing to lower standards for combat soldiers and Marines in order to accommodate Social Justice Warriors. The nation has the largest number of people in history not working. Welfare rolls have exploded under Barack Obama. And then there’s illegal immigration.

With Hillary Clinton at the helm it’s a safe bet that four years from now will be looking back on the good old days when Barack was president.

It’s likely the only thing that’s in worse shape than America is the Republican Party. We have a Establishment who are unwilling to fight for traditional American values and who are more than willing to lie to their constituents about their intentions and what they’ve done.

One of the bright spots in this election season is that, win or lose, the Republican Party is can have to face the reality that their base doesn’t trust them anymore and is more than willing to throw them off the Capitol Dome onto the steps and let them rot.

I think the idea of birds and rats gnawing away at the likes of Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan, John McCain, and the rest of the so-called “leadership” of the party has all the makings of a sweet dream.

I probably shouldn’t feel that way, but I do because I’m pretty sure that the Republican “leadership” is more willing to work with Hillary than they are to work with Trump.

November 8 is probably the most important day of my life, and it’s likely the most important day of your life as well. A vote for anybody other than Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton and Democrat values.

Voting for a third-party candidate because of your “principles” does nothing other than reveal you to be a person with no principles.


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