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Chicago Man Loses His Head – It’s Found in McKinley Park [VIDEO]


In a break from stories about shootings in Chicago, a severed head and other body parts were found in a garbage bag floating in the McKinley Park Lagoon. News reports indicated the Chicago Park District worker found the bag during a “routine cleanup” at the park.

Really? A “routine cleanup”? Chicago routinely cleans body parts up in their parks? Or maybe Chicago news sources aren’t any better in grammar than their political counterparts are at controlling gang violence.

According to one news report, people who use the park “are stunned.” How could they be stunned, it’s Chicago. After all, between Friday at noon time and Sunday night midnight nine people were murdered and 47 more were wounded. That’s nearly double the total of dead bodies from last year.

Chicago, Barack Obama’s hometown. He’s doing his best to turn America into Chicago.


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