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Chicago Isn’t the Only Place Dead People Vote


We’ve all heard of the old joke about voting in Chicago, “Vote early, vote often.” Democrats like to make light of the fact that voter fraud doesn’t happen or if it does it happens so infrequently that it doesn’t affect elections. Rational people – over 50% of Americans – no that’s just a lie.

It appears that “voting from the grave” has spread beyond Chicago to the critical swing state of Colorado. Once thought to be a lock for Hillary Clinton polls now show Donald Trump is leading slightly and Democrats are desperate. When Democrats are desperate you’ll often find them in the cemetery looking for votes.

I’m shocked the Colorado Secretary of State Wayne Williams would actually admit that there’s a potential for fraud in the upcoming general election. After all, Williams is a Democrat in the Secretary of State controls the election.

George Soros has spent millions of dollars making sure Democrats get elected as Secretary of State in critical states. Colorado was one of them. So is Minnesota, and if you’ll recall, when Al Franken was first elected the initial count came in and he was trailing by several thousand votes. A Democratic poll worker magically found several boxes of ballots in the trunk of his car this one the election to Franken. Minnesota’s Democratic Secretary of State signed off on the election, and the spineless, gutless Republicans refused to fight.

It was Franken’s election allowed ObamaCare to pass the Senate.

In Colorado there will certainly be an investigation and much you do will be made about nothing. A hundred or so people will be removed from the voting lists, Democrats will hail a “clean election” and pronounce that the problem is so small it doesn’t matter.

But it does matter. And the only way to really get to the bottom of out of date voting lists is to require states to clear their voting lists periodically and have people reregister to vote. Oh, and did I mention having a photo ID to register?

Other Democratic schemes to pad their vote like “same-day registration” also need to be stopped. In Democratic wards in Milwaukee buses routinely show up with Illinois plates – from Chicago – unload hundreds of voters who register and vote and who are then bused to another Democratic ward where they do it again. And again. And again.

It’s long past time to clean up the voter rolls and require photo IDs to register and to vote. Unfortunately it’s not going to happen in time for November 8.


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