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Charlotte Rioters and Looters Have “Demands”


The rioters and looters who were busting to Charlotte to protest the police shooting of a black felon with an illegal gun now have demands that they say must be met before peace and quiet returns to Charlotte.

3 Charlotte 1

It’s quite a list. They want an immediate end to the state of emergency, curfew and they want the National Guard removed from Charlotte. Having the National Guard on the streets really inhibits your ability to do your Christmas shopping so they have to go.

They want the police department defunded and the resources currently being used to protect Charlotte citizens redirected to “jobs programs, affordable quality housing, transportation, holistic health and quality schools.”

I guess the current levels of welfare, section 8 housing, and ObamaCare isn’t good enough.

Of course there demanding the arrest and conviction of everyone involved with the death of Keith Scott, a black felon with a criminal record that goes back over 20 years who was brandishing a firearm that it was illegal for him to have because he was a felon. Nevermind that he was told over a dozen times to put the gun down.

My personal favorite is “community control over the police starting with the creation of the civilian oversight board that has the power to hire and fire officers, determine disciplinary actions as well as dictate police policies, priorities, and budgets. The board shall not include police representation and will be controlled by communities most impacted by police and incarceration in Charlotte.”

Here’s a picture of their demands.

3 Charlotte 2

Given that the Mayor and most of the City Council in Charlotte are Democrats, I can’t wait to see how the “negotiations” proceed. I’m sure it will be fun to watch. I’m also pretty sure that Charlotte’s black police chief is more than willing to tell these idiots what they can do with their list.

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