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Can Our Military Generals Arrest Obama For Arming ISIS? … You ‘betcha!


It is no surprise to many Americans that Obama doesn’t support a strong US military. In fact while in office, not only has President Obama emasculated our military, but he has fired over 500 generals and officers, cut our military budget, turned our rules of engagement into rules of political correctness, and decimated the morale of many still defending our nation. In otherwords, he’s an insult as a commander in chief.

In addition, Obama has violated the oath of office, defied the US Constitution, and some officers will tell you he has even provided “aid and comfort to the enemy”.  Several generals who have recently retired including Retired USAF General Thomas McInerney, Retired US Army General Paul Vallely and Lt. General William Boykin have not minced words when it comes to Obama, and his weakening of our military.

Add to all of this the shipment of arms to Syria through our consulate in Benghazi and you have a pretty clear picture of what happened on Sept 11, 2012.  It doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots.


H/T Conservative Post:

Apparently, President Obama has been accused of implementing a series of policies that has given rise to ISIS, and has also provided them with the arms they are now using in their brutal attacks against Christians and other minorities.

Investigations reveal that at least some of the weapons being used by the terrorist organization are of U.S. manufacture.

According to reports, the investigation was conducted by Conflict Armament Research, a small-arms research organization in London.

The study included photographs that indicate that weapons were “seized by Kurdish forces from militants in Iraq and Syria over a 10-day period in July.”

The group had reportedly confiscated “significant quantities” of M16 rifles and other weapons, that were manufactured right here in our country.

The report concludes that the weapons most likely got into the hands of ISIS by Syrian fighters armed with the help of Saudi Arabia. That is in addition to the arms that were stolen upon the defeat of Iraqi army groups.

Wake Up People! This all leads back to Benghazi, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. They ALL SCREWED UP!


Today,  if you weren’t aware of it, the DOJ let Mar Turi, the arms dealer involved off. Turi had threatened to expose Hillary Clinton, her emails, Obama and the Libya weapons deal. The truth is Obama sent weapons to rebels fighting Libyan leader Moammar Qadhafi. Obama pulled our troops out TOO soon – AGAINST the advise of his generals and before you knew it, ISIS was armed and our weapons fell into the hands of extremists – otherwise known as ISIS. Obama and Clinton covered it up, but they were in Benghazi with Ambassador Stevens trying to buy back our weapons. They just didn’t predict the outcome that happened due to their stupidity.  They hadn’t planned for what would happen if the Libya militants didn’t want to give up the weapons.

The bottom line is, we have Clinton and Obama to thank for Benghazi, the arms-dealing to Libya and Syria through Turkey, and the rise of ISIS. Our very own US Consulate in Benghazi was used as part of the weapons-dealing plot. Ambassador Stevens was there trying to buy back weapons from these Libyan jihadist groups and divert them back through the Consulate. We all know what happened in the end.

Now, not only is Marc Turi, who shipped over $200 million worth of arms to Qatar off the hook, but so is Hillary Clinton. We can only hope that the generals will follow through and uphold their military oath. We already know Obama hasn’t upheld his oath as president and we certainly don’t expect Clinton to do the same either. Looks like Fast and Furious was a “practice run” for Libya.




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