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Were Cameras Banned at Debate Over Fears it Would Trigger Hillary’s Seizures? You betcha’ – here’s who did it:


With Hillary Clinton the lies just never end. We all remember what happened to Hillary Clinton back on 9/11 when she attended the memorial service. First, Clinton was one of the only person in attendance to wear sunglasses; she wore anti-seizure blue Z1 lenses. Then, she suddenly left the memorial service early, which caused her special van to be a little delayed, as they weren’t expecting her to leave so soon. When her van arrived, her agents threw her into the seat like she was a “piece of meat”. Then, instead of being taken to a nearby hospital and being treated with a medical staff, she was instead taken to her daughter’s apartment nearby, so she could be treated privately by her own personal doctor, without he public’s knowledge of her real treatment and condition.

Now, we hear that this past Sunday, her secret service agents confiscated all cell phones prior to the Presidential debate with Republican nominee, Donald Trump. Of course, we all know, with Clinton’s condition, flashes from cameras can cause seizures.


H/T Young Conservatives:

A reporter admitted live “on air” why Secret Service banned cell phone cameras from the second presidential debate.

REPORTER: “This is why it was banned apparently because the Secret Service did not trust people to disable the flashes on their cameras and they were afraid it would inspire Hillary’s seizure disorder.”

Via Mike Cernovich:

Imagine that! Cell phones were banned because HER agents didn’t trust citizens to do something as simple as disable their flash on their cameras.  However, reporters and attendees could use disposable cameras.
It seems Twitter had fun with the use of disposable cameras at the debate:

BREAKING NEWS: Time travelers from 1995 were in full force at the snapping pics of their sitting president.

They weren’t allowed to use phones, everyone was given a disposable camera. It wasn’t just Ken Bone. ?


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