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Breaking: WikiLeaks Reveals Massive Story on Hillary…Democratic Leaders Asked To Silence Assange!


WikiLeaks just dropped another HUGE bomb.

WikiLeaks stated that failed 2004 presidential candidate and current U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, held a private meeting in Ecuador to stop WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from publishing information damaging to Hillary Clinton.

Why would he do this, you may wonder? And who could possibly tell him to do this?

The answer is simple.

He did it because corrupt Democrats know they must do whatever ever possible to protect granny.

Kerry receives his orders from Barack Obama.

They followed up that tweet with this one…


Maybe Kerry didn’t want WikiLeaks to publish the documents because they obtained them illegally. But it seems to speak to a bigger issue.

Which is… covering up corruption.

Liberals don’t want the common uninformed voter to know how often they break the law.

Ultimately, stuff like this won’t make one ounce of difference to Clinton or Democrat party supporters.

And that’s the worst part, they have no idea who they’re voting for! Watch the video below it proves how dumb liberals really are with their future on the line.


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