BREAKING: Howard Stern Catches CNN In Twisted Trump Lie…They’ve Got NOTHING.

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The self-proclaimed ‘King of All Media’ has something important to say about Donald Trump and CNN.

Stern put to bed suspicions that he “confirmed” on his radio show Trump was in favor of the Iraq war.

CNN ran a headline reading, “Howard Stern Now Confirms,” which left the shock-jock baffled.

You can bet Howard Stern is more than a little pissed over CNN’s report about his supposed “confirmation” that Donald Trump was in favor of the Iraq War when the GOP nominee said otherwise.

“So, then there was a big screaming headline on CNN — ‘Howard Stern Now Confirms.’ There’s a picture of me and Trump […] I don’t know how CNN came up with that headline,” Stern flatly stated.


The shock jock went for the jugular on CNN’s Monday episode of “The Howard Stern Show,” insisting he did not confirm that Trump lied about where he stood on the war in Iraq.

“I said nothing new,” Stern reiterated. “And so I emailed Trump and I wanted to explain to him that, uh, that is not what I said.”

“I will say that Donald Trump was one of the best guests we ever had because he would kind of have this stream of consciousness and was not politically correct, and so he always made for a fun guest,” Stern said. “And a lot of his stuff was in the spirit of that.”

Part of the transcript…

Howard Stern: I got so upset because, you know, let’s face it, tapes from our show featuring Donald Trump have been used in the campaign. And the other day, I was talking to Robin on the air, and I said to her, yeah, you know it was really surreal sorta laying there in bed and watching them mention my name on the debate. And I said, basically for people who might not be aware, I said, yeah, Trump was on our show, and he was talking — I asked him about the Iraq war, and he said that he was for it.

Robin Quivers: ‘Well, I guess you have to be,’ or something like that. It wasn’t like an enthusiastic…

Stern: So, then there was a big screaming headline on CNN — ‘Howard Stern Now Confirms.’ There’s a picture of me and Trump in an adversarial-type situation that…

Quivers: You didn’t confirm anything!

It’s just like the Clinton News Network to fabricate a story, isn’t it?

Stern confirmed nothing.

Glad that Howard cleared the air. Not only does this disprove CNN’s “theory”, but it discredit’s them as a reliable news source.

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