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BREAKING CNN: Hillary Clinton’s Confidants Think She’s “Nuts and Secretive.”


John King is reporting on CNN that Hillary Clinton’s confidants really think she’s “nuts and secretive.”. Has Hillary Clinton lost control of the Clinton News Network?

It is beginning to look like that could be happening!

Maybe now CNN will report on Benghazi and Fast and Furious! (Doubt it…but a guy can wish can’t he?)

Straight from CNN and John King:

KING: This shows you that the angst even her campaign chairman wasn’t told until very late that she had a private email server in her Chappaqua, New York, home when she was secretary of state. It shows you the secrecy — some would say paranoia — of Hillary Clinton and her inner circle. It’s the “if we can keep this from people until the last possible second and only release if we’re forced to release it.” What does that tell us about what a Clinton presidency would be?

NIA-MALIKA HENDERSON: I mean, that’s the big issue. I mean, will you have the same kinds of problems in this presidency should she get elected?

KING: These are people who love her. These are not critics. These are people who love her and support her saying she’s nuts and she’s secretive.

I called Hillary Clinton for comment. She responded, What difference does it make?

Don’t miss this CNN video!

WikiLeaks and Project Veritas have done what no others have been able to accomplish. They have gotten the MSM to actually report on some of Hillary Clinton’s insanities!

“These are people who love her!” exclaimed King referring to internal emails that show those surrounding Hillary think she is nuts!

Maybe John King and CNN think we are so close to the election that this won’t stop her.

Whatever the case, this is most likely the most refreshing item to hit the MSM in decades! Most people know Hillary is nuts! It is about time the press used the freedom of the press to actually support freedom!

Hillary Clinton is a tyrant, an abuser, violent, and not the sweet little grandmother that you would be led to believe.




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