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BREAKING: 2nd Video Released By James O’Keefe: Democrats Rigged Elections!


Well, some of us are not surprised by the videos released by James O’Keefe. From the first video released on Monday, we learned that the DNC, Clinton campaign and the protests against Trump are ALL coordinated and planned. Surprise! Surprise!

Then, today we learn from the second video released by O’Keefe that the elections are RIGGED and voter fraud is rampant! I guess Donald Trump has been right all along!!! Again, NOT a surprise to most of us, right?

In the second video of James O’Keefe’s new explosive series on the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign, Democratic party operatives tell us how to successfully commit voter fraud on a massive scale.

Scott Foval, who has since been fired, admits that the Democrats have been rigging elections for the past fifty years.


H/T The Gateway Pundit:

Foval was more than willing to describe how Democrats are rigging the elections with cash.

Foval says Democrats would bus people to Iowa if they needed more votes on election day. The Democrats described how Democrats would bus voters across state lines to rig an election.

This is the second video in a series of videos by Project Veritas on Democratic voter fraud.


Of course, if you STILL believe all this is all made up or just lies…you might be a liberal! Or just a clueless idiot who shouldn’t vote in the first place!  Donald Trump is right! Democrats and Hillary Clinton having been rigging elections!!!!

Not only have the Democrats and Clinton been rigging elections, but they “bird-dogged” Trump at his events and incited violence! How demented and SICK is THAT!?

By the way…just in case you missed the first video here it is:

The best thing that YOU and other Americans can do NOW, is let our voices be heard! Spread these videos across social media far and wide!!!! SHARE! SHARE! SHARE! Let EVERYONE know how corrupt Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and the DNC really are!  They will stop at NOTHING to win!

Americans need to WAKE UP! It is time to say “NO MORE”! “NO MORE CORRUPTION” and “NO MORE” to Hillary Clinton! This insanity needs to stop NOW!

The fact is EVERY major news station was scheduled to air these tapes but failed! That should make you worried! That should tell you how much power Clinton has in this race! That should tell you a lot about what’s happening to our First Amendment Rights and who is in control of the PRESS!  It’s time to let Clinton and the press know that THEY are NOT in control of the American people!





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