Boss “Boosts Morale” By Sticking His Tongue In Staffs Mouth…To Start The Day Off Right!

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Wow, I knew China was a very different culture, but, I never expected this! Even if you aren’t a feminist this is a tad strange…ladies would you do this for a job you wanted?

Watch below as all the staff line up below for a little Moral boost to kick off their morning right…at least it starts this guys morning off well, maybe only his morning.

In order to work at one company in Beijing, China, all the female staff must line up one by one every morning to receive a kiss from their boss.

The boss of a home brewery machinery company apparently enforced a rule on all his female workers to kiss him every morning to “foster good relationships among colleagues”.

Reporters said that the staff had to queue up “to accept” the kiss from the man who owned the Beijing company and created the rule.

This “fostering of relationships” gesture is done between 9am and 9.30am every day.

The employer claimed that he got the idea from an American company that practiced such morning kisses. reports that the boss said he travels abroad often and has witnessed the practice at a company in the United States.
He claims it generated great cohesion within the company whereby the boss and his female staff could bond together “like fish and water.”

He said his employees were more united as a result of it.

This little secret didn’t stay under wraps long. Someone recorded the clip of the morning ritual and it started making its rounds on the internet.

Members of the public were shocked to find out about the rule the employer had set. Can you imagine if this happened in America?! Feminists would be having a panic attack!

Despite their reluctance to accept the ceremony, practically all of the female staff members eventually succumbed to the employer’s sick desire so that they could remain in the company.

Only two women refused and subsequently resigned. What a perv! This guy sounds like a total pervert, he must have little man’s syndrome.

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