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BLM Leader Comes Clean Reveals Stunning Confession, Confirming Suspicions


The Black Lives Matter movement is laced with hatred, racism, and blame, not to mention hypocritical demands, like less policing with larger government influence.

Now, one BLM leader has decided to come clean after a friendly neighborhood BBQ to confess what we have long suspected. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make it anymore calming to hear…honestly, it’s even more troubling since it’s coming right from straight from the horse’s mouth!

As the BLM movement pushes into its third year, their true colors are finally showing through with their statements and actions.You really don’t have to look all that far to see BLM members calling for the death of whites or police officers. Their actions have spoken louder than their words already, now, one leader has come forward with a statement about a friendly neighborhood BBQ that an unofficial BLM chapter had with police officers.

KSNW, the NBC affiliate station covering the area, said that the event, which was hosted by the Sunflower Community Action group, wasn’t just a lighthearted celebration — it was a way for the community to reach out to its police department to discuss issues surrounding police-community relations. The Wichita Eagle reported that “At one table, three men – a black man, a Hispanic man and a white man – sat down with burgers next to Lt. Travis Rakestraw to share their ideas.”

However, several videos from the cookout showing the open and celebratory atmosphere at the event went viral on Facebook, including one of an officer dancing in the park along with community residents.

Not very shockingly, the BBQ was rather quickly denounced by an official BLM chapter, which commented that:2016-10-02 14_17_35-BLM Denounces Friendly Cookout With Cops _ The Daily Caller

They were very careful to use all capital letters too, apparently under the belief that that would somehow aid in getting the point across. Apparently, victimhood is very crucial at this point, because if they don’t look like martyrs they will look like the true villains they are.

They wouldn’t get away with destroying cities then blaming white people for the fact that no companies wish to invest in them anymore or build stores in their communities so they can actually get jobs.

We have long suspected all along that the BLM loathes police officers. It’s been pretty obvious, but when a small group got together with some community police for a BBQ, and we hear an actual confession, that even friendly relations with police are unacceptable to the BLM movement… it’s very unsettling to say the least.


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