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Black Man Draws on Police, They Defend Themselves, Riots Ensue [VIDEO]


Earlier this week in El Cajon, California police had an encounter with a black man who got out of his car with his hands in his pockets, and when ordered to take his hands out of his pockets came out with what appeared to be a gun and assumed a shooting stance. Police officers fired in self-defense, killing him.

“216 blacks have been killed by police in 2016.” While that number may be true, the people who throw around don’t bother to note that in the overwhelming majority of those shootings the man shot was attacking the police or violently resisting arrest.

Specifically in El Cajon, those officers had maybe one second to make a decision when the perp’s hands came out of his pocket and he assumed a shooting position. One of the officers did fire a Taser but too often, tasers are ineffective because they get caught in clothing and don’t make skin contact.

From everything we can see, the police in El Cajon did an excellent job and once again #BlackLivesMatter has chosen to sign with a thug.


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