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Bill Clinton Being Fondled by a New Batch of Interns Younger Than Chelsea!


If Hillary Clinton gets elected in November, Americans will not only have the embarassment of having a “Liar-in-Chief” as our next president, but we will have to deal with Bill Clinton, an impeached former president as our next ‘First Lady’. Can you imagine? What a disgrace. If you thought Bill’s sex scandals with interns as president were bad, JUST WAIT for the scandals that will come as Bill as ‘First Lady’.

Have you picked up Ed Klein’s latest book “Guilty as Sin”? Talk about a sequel to “Fifty Shades of Grey”. They don’t call him “Slick Willy” for nothing. In Klein’s book “Guilty as Sin”, Klein interviews Bill Clinton’s interns. Turns out Bill Clinton hasn’t learned a thing from his past experiences, kind of like, Anthony Weiner.


Here’s the interview with an 20-something-year-old intern in an excerpt from Klein’s book “Guilty as Sin”:

“He often invites girls like me who work at the library to his apartment for a glass of red wine and a massage,” the intern said in an interview for this book. “He likes his neck and shoulders massaged because he gets knots in his muscles. But what he really likes is to have his feet massaged. He just kicks off his loafers and socks and puts his feet on the coffee table. That really makes him happy.

“Bill is always flirting with the women at the library. He knows everybody by their first name and is incredibly kind and generous. When he talks to you, it’s like you are the only person in the world. I always called him Mr. President, naturally, but one day he looked at me with this horny look and said, ‘Call me Bill.’ I sort of knew then that I was in.

“I know what people would say if they knew I gave him a foot massage. But, hey, if it makes him happy, I’m happy to do it. The idea of touching the president of the United States that way is incredibly exciting to me.” (via New York Post)

I just want to say, talk about another Monica Lewinsky sex scandal…ALL over again. I don’t know who’s sicker…Bill or this young gullible intern.


I can’t EVEN imagine what my sons would think if I were flirting with kids younger than my kids! How disgusting! And yet, regardless of all Hillary’s lies and coverups from Travelgate, to Vince Foster, to Benghazi and the Clinton Foundation, to her emails…some Americans still want to vote for Hillary Clinton to represent America as the next president. Not only that, but when they vote for Hillary, they’re also be voting for this disgusting pervert, Bill Clinton, who was already impeached as president, as our next ‘First Lady’.

What is it about Democrats that they feel the need to trash the White House? Wasn’t Bill Clinton as an impeached president bad enough? Wasn’t Hillary as secretary of state bad enough? Wasn’t Benghazi enough?

The problem with Bill Clinton is HE thinks he’s JFK. He wants to have naked pool parties back at the WH since he can’t have them at his presidential library in Arkansas. Bill…YOU are NO JFK! JFK was in his 40’s! JFK was good looking! JFK had a beautiful wife! JFK wasn’t impeached!

It’s time to say “NO” more trash. For all of Americans who support reducing waste….most Americans thought we already took the trash out of WH office in 2001. Why do you want to “recycle” the trash again? If Bill Clinton wants to trash his penthouse apartment in the Clinton library in Arkansas, that’s fine. But please, let’s keep this kind of trash out of the White House. We don’t need Bill to trash the office as the “First Lady”.




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