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Barack Obama Secretly Says the “Junior Varsity” ISIS Team Just Graduated: Did I Mention It Was in Secret?


Remember when ISIS was the junior varsity and represented no threat to the United States? If you forgotten, here’s a reminder.

The question arises, how in the world did the “junior varsity” grow from an organization that the Obama administration virtually ignored, into a fighting force that took back a number of Iraqi cities including Fallujah and Mosul?

According to recently released emails, President Obama and then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton developed a new and untested approach to Middle East policy. A Washington Post writer, David Ignatius – a Democratic operative with a byline – noted when this approach was introduced, “This is the president as a global community organizer – a man who believes that change is inevitable and desirable, and that the United States must align itself with the new forces shaping the world.”

Obama then set forth on his Middle East apology tour, refused to negotiate a Status of Forces agreement with the Iraqis, pulled all U.S. troops out of Iraq, and withdrew support from leaders who had long been allies of the U.S. and through U.S. support behind the Muslim Brotherhood.

This was the introduction of the same “Smart Diplomacy” into the Middle East that Hillary Clinton proudly announced would “reset” our relations with Russia. Obama and Clinton’s “Smart Diplomacy” hasn’t worked any better in the Middle East than it did in Russia.

The Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton deserted Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Syria in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood in the region. Every one of those states failed dramatically and there are wars being fought in each one. You’ll recall that in 2011 Barack Obama and Joe Biden declared Iraq to be their “foreign policy success” and Iraq would be the highlight of Barack Obama’s legacy.

They were right about one thing, Iraq probably is going to be the highlight of Barack Obama’s foreign policy legacy, just not in the way Obama and Biden were expecting in 2011. It’s more like the equivalent of the foreign policy ObamaCare, a complete and utter disaster from the beginning.

The new foreign policy of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – outlined in 2010 in a secret document titled “Presidential Study Directive-11” laid the groundwork for the mess that is now the Middle East. It was based on completely naive assumptions by people with no understanding of the Middle East.

The State Department, according to emails released under FOIA, believed that “… the Muslim Brotherhood was a viable movement for the U.S. to support throughout North Africa and the Middle East.”

As a result of that flawed assumption the emails go on to reveal, “American diplomats intensified contacts with top Muslim Brotherhood leaders and gave active U.S. support to the organization strive for power in key nations like Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Syria…”

It’s important to note that Hillary Clinton’s key advisor, Huma Abedin, is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood and her family are among its founders and leaders.

PSD-11 was the foundation for Middle East policy change and even top officials in the Obama White House new was nothing more than guesswork. A top official said at the time, “It’s a roll of the dice, but it’s also a response to reality.” The problem is that there was no one in the Obama administration who had a clue about reality. If you question that, replay Obama’s remarks at the beginning of this post about the ISIS “junior varsity.”

The whole world, and especially America, will end up paying an enormous price for the naïveté – or willful ignorance – of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Their “role of the dice” has made the world a much more dangerous place that was in 2009.

The big question right now in America is whether or not the American people will put Hillary Clinton into the Oval Office so she can continue to “roll the dice”?

Remember that on November 8.


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