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AUTHORITIES Cave Into Pressure From BLM, New Orders Have Officers Dropping Like Flies!


If you or a loved one is an officer with the Los Angeles Police Department, let me advise your immediate resignation from the force.

New rules have been set in place that are getting officers killed. These people have some very TWISTED priorities, all they’re doing is protecting a criminal instead of a cop.

How sad that our men and women in blue, who are faced with deranged people every single day, can’t even defend themselves properly because police departments have been bullied so badly that they’re afraid that Black Lives Matter will bring the wrath of the media down on them if they even look at a black person wrong.

Officers with the LAPD are now being told that they need to exhaust all methods of non-violently stopping a violent suspect…. BEFORE they are allowed to shoot them… basically toy with your life on the line first, then if there’s time left, save yourself…I guess.


One GIANT problem, this is the type of hesitation that gets cops killed in the line of duty, but they don’t care.

KPCC reports that the officer’s union is upset with the new rule, and claims that it will put more officers in harm’s way:

“Unfortunately, the Police Commission is once again pandering to a small group of professional protesters that have built a cottage industry out of attending and disrupting weekly police commission meetings. It’s sad. The commissioners are missing in action when it comes to ensuring neighborhoods have minimum patrol staffing levels or when it comes to improving officer safety,” The Los Angeles Police Protective League, the officers’ union, said in a statement in response to the reforms.”

“They proffer zero solutions on reducing violent crime and they avoid any condemnation of those intent on breaking the law, possessing a gun, or shooting and killing a police officer. The commission has become nothing more than a group of pandering apologists in support of misinformed professional protestors. These latest batch of proposals are more of the same, solutions in search of a problem.”

Even in cases that the cop has been proven innocent, Black Lives Matter and their posse continue to make their lives a living hell. They simply don’t care about facts, they care about the media spotlight. In fact, they don’t care about black people being shot and killed at all! Not until the shooter is a police officer.

Ah yes, because it makes so much sense to kill a heroic cop instead of an evil criminal….



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