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Amy Schumer Is EATEN ALIVE On Twitter After Her ‘Racist’ Parody Of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’


Oh, how I love the sound of lefty activists being devoured by their own!

Since you can’t debate a lefty with facts and empirical evidence to prove a point, you might as well let them prove it to themselves.

I am happy to report, that’s exactly what happened to the comedian-turned-lefty-activists, Amy Schumer.


Schumer apparently did a big ‘no-no’ in the the eyes of many in the black community. At least according to keyboard warriors on Twitter, who have been absolutely savage in their criticism of the self-righteous comedian by labeling her a racist on social media for her hard to watch parody of Beyonce’s ‘Formation’ music video.

Schumer had got together with veteran actress Goldie Hawn for some not so ‘BEY’ spoof on the choreography..and dear Saint Joseph, it WAS awful!
Confusing…and awful.

First, no one asked for this, Amy, so basically, WHY? Second. Did you ever stop to think that maybe this environment of hate and segregation that you and your lefty friends and politicians created in Hollywood, on the Hill, and online, wouldn’t come back to bite you?

You all created a beastly social and cultural divide in this country, and now you have lost control of it. Beyonce’s song ‘Lemonade’, is aimed at black women, SPECIFICALLY, (Why not all women? That’s for another rant) for their empowerment. You thought because you ‘identified’ with that cause, that black people, and their white self-hating friends like you, were going to give you a pass?

Rude awakening, huh?

Here’s one:


And another one:


And one more, just for fun:


Oh, Amy…are you laughing now?


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