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Afghan Soldiers Being Trained Just Wandering Off From Bases In Several US States!


Since Obama has been our “clown-in-chief”, we train Afghans in state-sponsored and US taxypayer-funded counterterrrorism programs and then “POOF”…some of these nutjobs or so-called “vetted” nationals, just wander off the bases. It’s interesting to note, however, 7 Afghans have wondered off in the last month. That’s right – the very same month, that we have had terrorism attacks take place in New York, New Jersey and Minnesota.  So you can certainly understand if Americans are just a little sensitive to the topic, can’t you? But we can’t say speak out about it, because we might be labeled “Islamaphobics” by Obama or Clinton.

President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other liberals will continue to call these “isolated” or “work related” incidents. However, anyone with a pea for a brain, knows that these attacks have NOT been isolated, just like we know the soldiers we train are NOT vetted properly. One example  of that is a current ISIS commander, Gulmurod Khalimov. Khalimov was not only trained but equipped with some of the best antiterrorism equipment and then he disappeared in April, only to resurface in May vowing to bring jihad to the US.


H/T Western Journalism:

In the past two weeks, seven trainees from Afghanistan who were participating in a Department of Defense training program for foreign soldiers have vanished from the U.S. military bases where they were being trained.

“It’s concerning, and legitimately so,” said Georgia State University security and counterterrorism expert Robert Friedmann.

Friedmann doubts the timing is a coincidence.

“It’s fairly likely that it was coordinated, because that’s too much of a coincidence,” he said.

The same weekend that an Afghanistan native exploded bombs in New York City and New Jersey, two trainees disappeared from Fort Benning, Ga., one from Fort Lee, Va., and one from Little Rock, Ark..

Two weeks later, one Afghan soldier left Fort Gordon, Ga.,, and two disappeared from Fort Leonard Wood, Mo.

“Planning, critical thinking, company commander level and challenge staff level, it’s a great experience for me,” an Iraqi soldier said in a video about the program on Fort Benning’s website.

It’s unclear why the Afghan trainees have left.

I’ll tell you why? …because Obama is president!  He has never taken ISIS seriously, nor does he really care about America. If he did he wouldn’t continue to bring into our country almost a million illegal aliens or refugees from terrorist sponsored nations. He would also stop bringing soldiers from countries like Afghan into America to train.

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ISIS commander, Gulmurod Khalimov trained in US and completed several state-sponsored counterrorism programs then vowed to bring jihad to the US. Now you might be asking yourself,…WHY in God’s name are we still bringing these people into America to train? Isn’t that putting more Americans at risk?”

Khalimov, an ISIS commander, called Americans “pigs” and experienced how our military was trained to fight ISIS. Khalimov received millions of dollars from our Defense Department in training and equipment – vests, helmets, masks, binoculars – you name it – only to go back to ISIS and turn on the US.

Isn’t it nice to know there’s a commander in chief with a spin?… unfortunately, it’s not ours! Don’t worry Obama’s amateur national security team – ICE and the FBI, the same agents that patrol and vet our southern borders have everything under control.  Move along little sheeple.




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