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Adoptive Parents Learn SHOCKING Truth About Refugee Child They Took In- He Was NO Child


We catch a lot of slack from the left for being “preventers” of bad things happening. They are constantly coming down on conservatives who only worry for the safety of our country. Why? Because this is where our family, friends, and all loved one live, where do they get off trying to make us feel guilty for wanting to be careful with who we allow into the country and how? It’s ridiculous.


For example..

A story has broke telling us about a kind couple that just recently took in a refugee child to provide a home and family for him to grow-up in…except, he didn’t have any more growing to do.

Eager to do their part in assisting with the refugee intake, Southeast England couple, Rosie and Pete adopted a refugee “child” who they were told was 12-years old.

They have 3 children of their own already, and still found room in their hearts to take in one more. His name is Jamal. After Jamal arrived in their home, they changed their lifestyle to fit into what is acceptable to his culture. They ate only halal meat at home, and made other changes.

“He looked thin and I thought, ‘Bless him’. He was so humble, polite,” Rosie recalled.

The problem with this is… Rosie his adoptive Mother would soon find out, this humble and polite new son of hers, was also a liar. She started to witness things that seemed odd to her for a boy his age. For example, how fit and strong he was, how hairy he was compared to her other son his age…which was noticed when they went on a family outing of swimming.

Soon…nothing made any sense.

Then her new son, visited the dentist and according to reports the dentist estimated Jamal was closer to 22 then he was 12. However, that wasn’t all…there is more. Not only did she learn her little boy was actually a man, he was also….a trained jihadi and Taliban terrorist.

Taliban material and child abuse images SHOCKED this mother when she checked his phone…only after taking him o a family outing to a shooting range and seeing how he was able to strip a gun before even firing it, like an absolute professional.

Jamal had been sharing a room with Rosie’s 13-year old son and she also had 2 daughters ages 12, and 14 who were also in the house. Finally, Rosie came to the terrifying realization that she had in fact, invited a trained threat into her home. Who was spending time with her 3 very impressionable they are at that age.

As Jamal’s true identity started to come through little by little, he started to demand more money and was receiving even more calls daily from unknown numbers.

Then…it happened.

“I’ll kill you and I know where your children are,” were allegedly his last words to his adoptive mother Rosie, who said, “Every day I check the car, and that all the house windows are shut. I panic because I know he knows our routine.”

According to reports, Jamal was arrested for alleged assault and turned down for asylum but is appealing the decision. Meanwhile, more than 150 migrant “children” are to arrive in the UK before the Calais Jungle is demolished, but Brits are being branded racist for questioning the ages of the newly arrived migrants.

Liberals take note…conservatives don’t want to deny people from entering our country, we want to deny EVIL from entering. There is a difference.


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