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70,000 Buffalo Bills Fans Give Kaepernick THE SMACKDOWN! [VIDEO]


Collin Kaepernick has made a lot of enemies around the nation with his showy refusal to stand for the national anthem because police officers shoot black thugs who are attacking them. Last Sunday the San Francisco 49ers were in Buffalo to play the Bills and it wasn’t a pretty scene.

Let’s be very clear the woman on the video who was whining about “this is a real issue” doesn’t live in the real world. It’s a statistical fact that, given the crime rate for blacks who commit violent crime police actually shoot statistically fewer blacks than whites. When the police officer does shoot a suspect there’s an investigation and if it was a bad shooting the officers charged.

If Kaepernick really wanted to have some impact in “his community” he’d start protesting about black thugs killing black thugs in every one of our inner cities.  Kaepernick doesn’t give a rip about “black lives” he cares about publicity just like the thugs at #BlackLivesMatter. One of these days they’re to correct the name of that organization to #BlackThugsMatter because those are the only people they really care about.

Last Sunday was the first time Kaepernick had started a game in almost a year. He’s only got a few games left with the 49ers before is on the street and in Buffalo he got crushed in memorable fashion.

You heard the reaction when he first came onto the field, it’s too bad Buffalo doesn’t have a domed stadium because the boos would still be reverberating.

The welcoming boos were nothing compared to the crowd chanting “USA, USA, USA!” I suspect Kaepernick wasn’t real happy about that. I suspect he also got a message during the pregame when Bills fans took turns tackling a boxing dummy made up to look like none other than him.

The day was summed up quite nicely by one Bills fan who yelled, “Your parents don’t even like you!” From what I hear, that’s the truth.


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