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5 People Who – With the Help of the FBI – Are Keeping Hillary Out of Prison


Barack Obama’s FBI has been working overtime for the last year. Not on fighting “domestic terrorism” or attempting to vet the “refugees” that Obama and Paul Ryan want to move into your neighborhood. In that regard the FBI is either doing nothing or is a complete failure.

On their most important project the FBI is doing outstanding work. That project? Protecting Hillary Clinton and her inner circle.

So far Loretta Lynch’s Department of “Justice” has granted immunity to five people involved in Hillary’s email scandal up to their eyeballs.

  • Cheryl Mills – Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff at the State Department;
  • Heather Samuelson – Hillary Clinton’s White House liaison at the State Department;
  • John Bentel – Hillary Clinton’s director of information resources management at the State Department;
  • Bryan Pagliano – the State Department employee who managed Hillary’s private email server;
  • Paul Combetta – the computer technician at Platte River Networks who wiped out Hillary’s email server.

Not only are these people been granted immunity, we don’t know what the extent of their immunity agreement is and apparently neither does Congress.

That was Jason Chaffetz the chairman of the House Oversight Committee looking into Hillary’s illegal email server.

It’s a reasonable assumption that Bill Clinton made sure that Loretta Lynch knows that if Hillary is elected she will stay on as Attorney General. The only question now is what they’re offering James Comey.

Hopefully, in a Trump administration one of the first things that the new Attorney General does is remove the FBI’s motto, “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” from the FBI seal. Director Comey and his underlings have proved that today’s FBI doesn’t know the meaning of any of those words.


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