You Won’t Believe What the ACLU Is up to Now

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It looks like the ACLU – the American Civil Liberties Union – is turning into the MCLU – the “Muslim” Civil Liberties Union. They’ve taken on the job of defending terrorists, it’s dirty work but somebody’s gotta do it.


The ACLU will be representing the Muslim terrorist charged for setting terrorist bombs in New York and New Jersey that injured over 30 people. Apparently the judge in both New York and New Jersey denied public defenders attempts to represent the terrorist and the ACLU stepped in.

The terrorist has been hospitalized since the shoot out in Lynden, New Jersey where he unfortunately was not killed by police. Officials say he’s unconscious as a result of surgery for his wounds but they did not have an updated condition.

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Apparently the terrorist’s father – that would be the same guy who tried to turn his kid into the FBI but they were too busy covering up the Clinton Crime Family – requested the ACLU representation.

The executive director of the ACLU said that denying this terrorist the right to a lawyer “violates the Constitution and needlessly sacrifices civil liberties in the name of national security. It is outrageous that [the terrorist] has been in custody for a week yet has been denied the right to have an attorney visit him and confirm his condition and protect his constitutional rights.”

The terrorist faces federal charges of using weapons of mass destruction, bombing, destruction of property, and use of a destructive device for leaving bombs in New York, Elizabeth, and Seaside Park, New Jersey. He’s also been charged with five counts of attempted murder in a shootout with Lynden police.

I sincerely hope Lynden police are setting aside money for more time on the target range for their officers.

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