Woman Wins Free Pizza For An Entire Year… Mystifies Company With Her Next Move

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Have you ever entered a drawing and actually won? I haven’t but I can say that I have never entered a drawing with the thought in mind of who I could benefit with the prize.

This young woman in Michigan wasn’t like the rest when she got the phone call that she won a YEAR of free pizza she was shocked, she didn’t think she could win and then upon discovering that she did, she used her gift in a completely unexpected way.

A 19-year-old Detroit resident, Hannah Spooner, recently won a contest at her hometown Little Caesar’s. She was awarded her free pizza for a year, but, instead of keeping the calories all to herself, she decided to “pay it forward”. Hannah donated every pizza for the next year to a homeless youth center.

The “Pizza for a Year” prize Spooner won was for $500 worth of the chain’s $5 pizzas, or 100 pizzas for the year.

The thoughtful young woman knew she could do something meaningful with the prize instead of keeping it all to herself.

“Detroit is going through a lot of negativity,” she said. “I wanted somewhere close to home that would be affected by my donation.”

That’s when she thought of Covenant House Michigan, a shelter for young people without homes.

“They were really happy,” Spooner said after she told the non-profit of her intentions. “I could tell it was actually going to make a difference. Like, I would actually see people who would be benefited by it.”


Now the youth center, Covenant House, will serve pizza as part of its regular service of three meals per day for the youth in need.

The house of the Covenant said, “They love pizza. They get very excited,”

The pizza is expected to arrive as soon as this week according to reports, what a wonderful way to make people’s lives a little brighter in a world that can seem so dismal to troubled teens.

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