Woman Lied To Police After Attacking Blind Trump Fan, Forgot 1 Thing

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A disgusting liberal idiot was protesting a Donald Trump rally when she said a BLIND man attacked her…


Shirley Teeter claimed that Richard Campbell punched her in the face in the middle of a crowd. Now that the police have issued a warrant for the man’s arrest, the truth is coming out, and what Teeter is trying to do is absolutely sickening.

Richard Campbell and his wife were out celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, their only mistake was choosing to attend the Trump rally in Asheville, North Carolina. As the elderly couple made their way through the squished crowd of protesters, one woman, 69-year-old Shirley Teeter, grabbed Mr. Campbell from behind.

Campbell’s wife stayed directly behind him, holding his arm and keeping track of him through the crowd. Because of his severe cataracts, he is legally blind. When Teeter grabbed him, his natural reaction was to turn and then try to pull away. Thankfully a video exists or Teeter’s lies to the police would have led this poor old man jail.

Campbell’s attorney explained that “The video clearly shows that he is being led through the screaming, hostile crowd by his wife because he is legally blind,” “The video actually shows him stumbling at one point because he couldn’t see the curb.”

“It shows [Teeter] come up behind him and reach out her left hand and grab his shoulder. [She] was pulling him back, and he lifted up his right hand to get her off of him, and she fell.”

Teeter has given several media interviews, stating that she was “punched in the face,” “sucker punched,” and “punched in the jaw.” She claims she suffered severe injuries requiring treatment at Mission Hospital. The problem is, she told these lies to the police, but pictures, taken after the so-called attack on her, prove that she has no injuries at all. Teeter, a real idiot, lied to the police before she realized Campbell is legally blind.

The video shows Campbell holding his wife’s hand, and then, it shows Teter, with a backpack on, moving quickly and following them to attack Campbell.

The local liberal media is buying this disgusting woman’s claims, but Mr. Campbell’s attorney is confident that when they get their day in court, Teter will be outed for the liar that she is, just like her candidate Hillary Clinton.

Mr. Campbell is scheduled to have cataract surgery next week, and his lawyer Ruth Smith is speaking out against this scumbag Teter:

“Her statement is slanderous. It’s libel,” Smith said, adding that Campbell is considering suing Teeter for malicious prosecution, libel, and slander.

“She has turned this into a nightmare. Why would anybody be so thoughtless and vicious?” Smith asked. The Campbells “would never hurt anybody. These are two old people,” she added


It isn’t very shocking that Trump protestors would make up such an elaborate lie, look at the person they nominated, she’s the biggest liar of them all!

These protestors are vicious, and they are nothing but a bunch of freeloaders who are looking for another hand-out.

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