A Woman Came Home from Vacation and Found Burglars – Guess What Happened Next

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Jamie Barnes of Memphis, Tennessee took a few days away to rest and relax. When she got home the resting and relaxing was over. As she walked up to her house she noticed her front door was open and when she walked into the living room she found two burglars. They were very busy, but while they were burgling they took a break for some nookie.  That’s right, they were having sex on her couch.


The mental image of that idiot jumping off the couch and yelling, “I don’t know nothing…” and running out the front door is going to be with me for a while. The woman had to be a real piece of work too, but she got arrested. I’m pretty sure she ratted out the boyfriend.

I don’t blame Barnes for moving, when your neighbors watch people they don’t know dragging stuff out of your house and trying to sell jewelry and they can’t be bothered to call the cops that’s not a neighborhood you live in. Actually, that’s not a neighborhood, it’s just the ‘hood.

But hey, #BlackLivesMatter.

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