Will This Get Trump Elected?

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One of the big questions that people are good have to answer on November 8 is, “do I feel safe?” Assuming you’re not a Clinton voter living in a cave the answer that question should be, “No.”

Muslim terrorist attacks are escalating through the summer. Just last weekend there were four. A Muslim security guard in a shopping mall in Minnesota waded into a crowd with a knife asking people if there were Muslims before he slashed them. That was followed up by a bomb going off at the beginning of the Marine Corps 5K run. Next up a bomb went off in a dumpster in New York City injuring 29 people and finally, early Monday morning, a bomb was found in a trashcan in the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station.

Down in Miami police thwarted what could’ve been a terrorist sniper attack.


The three men involved, Mohamed Azab Youssef, 39, Artur Schaback, 28, and Ivan Suhharev, 28, apparently are just drug dealers and not Muslim terrorists. The problem is, they certainly could’ve been Muslim terrorists.

Given that the Obama administration is doing absolutely nothing to combat Muslim terrorism – and given their position on immigration they could be said to be cooperating with Muslim terrorism – it’s not unreasonable to expect more terrorist attacks before November 8.

Since Hillary Clinton’s stance on Muslim immigration is even more radical than Obama’s it’s likely that more terrorist attacks will make more and more people feel unsafe and those people will most likely be pulling a lever for Donald Trump.

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