White Couple’s Savagely Attacked By Islamists Over Their Order at Restaurant

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Two Islamic males, no doubt members of the Religion of Peace – who attacked a young white couple for eating a pizza topped with ham and pineapple, have now been sentenced to a year and a half in prison.

The couple were eating their “Hawaiian” pizza after leaving Le Mix Bar, a nightclub in Cambrésis, France, and were approached by two Muslims, Youness Boussaid and Fatah Bouzid soon after. The men offered the young couple to buy some cocaine and it was then they noticed the ham on the pizzas..


He told the couple they’d go to hell for eating it….in other words having good taste buds.
As the incident escalated, one of the men began jabbing his fingers up the woman’s nose, causing her to pass out. The heroic date she was with tried to step in but was given a brutal beating by the two sociopaths.

Fortunately, for these two a security guard was nearby and stopped the assault.

Hat tip: American Freedom Fighters

Boussaid and Bouzid then fled in a German-made sedan they rented in Belgium. Witnesses were able to record the registration plates and that led to the men being identified after a long police investigation.

The two Arabs were later identified by the pizza chef, the victims, and another witness. Also, photographs taken during the incident certify that they were at the eatery on that day. Although all of this evidence clearly marks them as the guilty parties, they continued to deny the evidence in court.

Eventually, Boussaid and Bouzid were sentenced to a year and six months in prison. They were also both ordered to pay a reprimand of €1,500 in damages each.

According to Breitbart, a similar incident occurred in June of this year. A waitress working on the first day of Ramadan said she was alone in the bar when the Muslim men entered. They pointed towards the liquor bottles behind the counter and said in Arabic, “You should be ashamed to serve alcohol during Ramadan.”

The men pretended to leave the premises. However, one of the two returned to hit the waitress in the face and crashed liquor bottles down on top of her from the bar shelves. The woman. The woman suffered several cuts and bruises, but was also left with a large hematoma on her face.

Is this coming to America? Methinks so.

The big flaw in society is that a big amount of conservatives think that there are “peaceful” Muslims….rest assured there are not. These crazed people have been brainwashed to pretend to fit into our society and before you know it they will SNAP over something as retarded as a couple pieces of ham on top of your pizza.kick-a-muslim

Our family and children need to be kept safe from these horrible people, the problem is only growing and the liberal media does nothing but ignore this giant elephant in the room, to address issues that aren’t even real like gun violence for example… when the real problem was a terrorist!

Muslims believe it is their duty to convert the world to Islam and belong to a cult of pedophiles.. They will keep coming and use force if necessary. It will continue until people band together and either run them back to their cat littler box they call home, or band together and rid the world of them all together.


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