Weapons of Mass Destruction Used in Iraq? Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One…

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Haven’t we repeatedly said that ISIS has weapons of mass destruction? Oh, but no worries. According to Obama ISIS is just a “JV team”, right? How could they possibly have WMD’s? Come on Man!

Obama still doesn’t even believe radical Islamic terrorists exist in America, even though we have had four or five examples already – San Bernardino, Orlando, Boston Marathon, and most recently New York, New Jersey and Minnesota. Obama and even Clinton, still refer to these as “lone wolf” incidents.


Washington (AFP) – A rocket fired by Islamic State jihadists at US forces in Iraq may have carried a chemical agent, a US defense official said Wednesday.

No one was injured in Tuesday’s blast near an airfield by the northern town of Qayyarah and no one showed any immediate signs of exposure to the suspected mustard agent, the official said.

Several hundred US troops are working with Iraqi partners to strengthen the airfield ahead of a push on the IS stronghold of Mosul.

The defense official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said an incoming round had exploded within the base perimeter during an “indirect fire” attack.

A small team of US troops later inspected the fragmented ordinance and found one bit with a suspicious, tar-like black oily substance that they tested in the field.

That initial test was positive for a “mustard agent.” A second test was negative, and a third sample has been sent to a proper laboratory for definitive analysis.

The official downplayed the seriousness of the incident, saying the shell would have been “militarily ineffective.”

“Our concern is not much greater after seeing this,” he said.

Still, the troops who handled the fragments went through a standard decontamination procedure.

US-led coalition warplanes last week destroyed a factory near Mosul suspected of being used by ISIS to make chemical weapons.

I guess that’s STILL not enough evidence for Obama though. Maybe he has to wait and see our military personnel resemble victims like these…


…before he can make a real decision about bombing the heck out of ISIS and their training camps!

November can’t come soon enough! We need to put a leader in the White House, like Donald Trump, who will not only rebuild our troops and restore moral in the military, but bomb the shit out of these terrorists!


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