Voting for Hillary May Get You the Return of Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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When it comes time to vote for either Trump or Clinton for President of the United States, just remember you are not only voting to restore or destroy our economy, but you are also voting for the next person to replace the late Justice Scalia on the Supreme Court. Your vote will have a great impact on protecting and defending our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

The last President Clinton nominated Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Justice Stephen Breyer to our Supreme Court. Hillary would be no different from Bill when it comes to adding another liberal judge to the the Supreme Court. She would tip the conservative majority to the radical liberal majority. In fact, the next president could possibly nominate more than one justice to the Supreme Court as 3 of our current 8 are over or near the age of 80.


Let’s face it, the next president will have a YUGE impact on America and America’s ideology by most likely appointing multiple justices to the Supreme Court. And when it comes to protecting the Constitution and Bill of Rights, we know where Hillary stands on both and it’s not good for America.

Democrats and Hillary want to import as many illegals as they possibly can, change the voter-ID laws in all the states and then get all the illegals that are dependent on government welfare to vote for them. That’s all part of the Democratic or Socialist ideology that’s coming down the “fast track” with Hillary, if she’s elected president. It’s no surprise that America’s “Hope and Change” will just be called “Change” – without hope.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Hugh Hewitt, author of “The Queen: The Epic Ambition of Hillary and the Coming of a Second “Clinton Era.”

H/T Washington Examiner:

Voting has begun in the 2016 election as North Carolina opened its (very) early balloting by absentee on Friday. Voting is said to be heavy among the half of Donald Trump supporters who Hillary Clinton has categorized as being in a “basket of deplorables.”

It seems irrational to vote this early in an election cycle in which jarring slanders on millions of Americans arrive suddenly, as well as horrific events shattering the news cycle with alarming but predictable regularity. Pray that another Orlando or Nice doesn’t happen, or an economic panic as in 2008, but don’t bet the house on a placid 57 days ahead.

At a minimum the presidential debates, if they occur, will change some minds or even perhaps millions, but votes already cast can’t be recalled. Voting before all relevant events — and slurs like Clinton’s “deplorables” — are absorbed is not a preferred system, but it’s what we have.

What will not change regardless of events is the vacant seat on the United States Supreme Court, and thus I return to that subject again and again. Perhaps because I have been teaching constitutional law for two decades, the court’s delicate balance is always on my mind. If she wins, Clinton will nominate a “living Constitution” majority maker. Trump is pledged to nominate an originalist. We are certain as to the sort of justice Clinton will nominate and what that will mean, at least in broad strokes and probably with great specificity. There just isn’t doubt about the consequences for the Supreme Court of a Clinton win.

Justice Stephen Breyer told me in my radio studio — five years ago yesterday — that his greatest regret was being in the 4-vote minority when the court’s 5-vote majority refused to push the Supreme Court into the thicket of serving as “umpire” of congressional district line-drawing.

There are scores of areas of law where a “Clinton Court” would upset long standing precedents, among the most troubling being those decisions protecting religious liberty.

You can read more here, but Hugh’s right, especially when he says:

“There are a score of areas of law a “Clinton Court” will change (see this column for specifics) but it is from redistricting cases that the permanent hard left lurch of the country will come.”

If you want to see all the redistricting lines in all the states redrawn to favor Democrats, just elect Hillary Clinton as the next president. In addition, if you want to see not only the lines redrawn, but Nancy Pelosi back in as Speaker of the House, Clinton is your candidate to make that happen. The United States will fundamentally be changed to the minority conservatives being ruled by the radical liberal majority. In other words, I hope you like Socialism, because if Clinton is elected, we all know who will have the last laugh….

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