VIDEO OF THE DAY: Southwest Airlines Looney Tunes! Taking Internet by Storm!

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Laughs fly free on Southwest Airlines as this video of a flight attendant has over 3 million views and counting!!

I used to fly Southwest all the time (when they gave away drinks) but now I’m on Virgin where they have amazing flights and pricing, but the most annoying video explaining the in-flight instructions you’ve ever seen. It’s enough to make you insane after about the 10th time.

But this may make me go back to SouthWest – check it out and share it with all your FBook and email buds:

Funny stuff, but I got that stupid Virgin America song in my head again now – THANKS!!

Here’s what some other folks thought – how about you?

— Just be glad the plane didn’t make a wrong turn at Albuquerque.

— I don’t know what’s more impressive. being able to imitate multiple cartoon characters or the hard concentration it takes to do this without laughing

— Holy shit, I’d jump out that plane soon as possible.


— I want to worship that girls feet and thighs

— I appreciate the good spirit and having fun, but #1 it’s a serious part of a flight not to be made fun of or toyed with. #2 how many more flight attendant videos are we going to see go viral? I got bored of them after the 1st one….

(there’s always somebody that can take the fun out of fun)

— nice to see someone having fun during their job

— so who is actually flying the plane, Mr. Magoo??



Flying is a dreaded experience for many passengers. That’s why one Southwest Airlines flight attendant recently took it upon himself to lighten things up by impersonating an assortment of Looney Toons cartoon characters during landing announcements.

Zach Haumesser channeled Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig and others as he delivered pre-landing announcements en route to Chicago. Haumesser also manipulates Sesame Street puppets.

The video of Haumesser’s antics was posted to YouTube on Friday (Sept. 2). It had garnered almost 3 million views by Monday. The attendant even offered a special Bugs Bunny shout-out to the Utah Valley University men’s soccer team, who were traveling on the plane.

Another flight attendant, Jordy Elizabeth, who is believed to be the one filming, posted the video of the intercom moment to her Facebook page.

…. a be de a du deeb ah that’s all folks!

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