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VIDEO OF THE DAY: Jeep Plows Through Illegal Anti-Trump Protesters


Illegal protesters scream as jeep plows through their protest on highways in AZ. Cop, visibly frustrated, shrugs as protesters demand they do something. Do you blame the driver? Um…. If you have someplace to be, you think, “Protest on the sidewalk! It is safer!”

Crazy! Here is what some on the Internet are saying, good and bad:

The way the policeman shrugged, not a single f### was given that day. Oh god, I’m buying that guy a beer.

I’d buy him some burgers with that too!

The one cop shrugs “this is a public road you know” lmao omg

Kill the cops, but now you want them to protect you? Make up your mind. Trump wouldn’t allow this bullshit. All these assholes should spend a year in jail for obstruction.

You know he’d be all “LIKE A BOSS!” about it too.

That’s what I was thinking!! Every single one of them should have been arrested!!!


so they stand in front of moving cars and complain about getting runover?

Complete understatement. Calling them “bitches” at this point is now sugar coating it a hundred times.

Everyone blocking the car got off so lucky, they should’ve all been pepper sprayed and arrested due to them all impeding on the jeep driver’s freedom of travel.


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