CNN SHOCKED When They Confirm Hillary Destroyed Her Cellphones [VIDEO]

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Wow! CNN themselves are shocked at their own research when their fact-checker confirms with positive proof that queen Hillary destroyed her cellphones in order that they not be found to have sensitive and classified info on them.

How liberally bent do you have to be to be surprised that Hillary is a deceptive, law-breaker? You can almost hear them in their minds saying…

‘Please say this isn’t so… Please say Hillary didn’t do that!’

Alas..she sure did do it, and there is supporting evidence to prove it.

Their SHOCK is worth a 1000 words…

Watch this!

Did you see what just happened? The entire time they have a smug look on their face like they are dealing with an idiot that’s just talking out of his butt.

Then they demand a fact check thinking they can shut him down, and BOOM! They get a nasty surprise in the form of TRUTH!

After that…there was no denying their candidate of choice is a CHEAT!

Just to make sure we understand how serious the FBI findings are…here’s some dialogue.

BORIS EPSHTEYN: 17,500 emails that she lied about turning over. The server wipe. Within weeks of there being a report that she had a private server, it was wiped. She thought that “C,” which stands for classified, stood for cookie or something. She thought that drone strikes are not classified. She said that the reason she used a private server was for convenience, that she only had one device, she used 13 Blackberries and five iPads. This is somebody who is absolutely disqualified from becoming president. They destroyed BlackBerries with hammers in the State Department.


More from Breitbart:

“[Huma] Abedin and [former Clinton aide Monica] Hanley indicated the whereabouts of Clinton’s [mobile] devices would frequently become unknown once she transitioned to a new device,” one report indicates.

On other occasions, a staffer would destroy Clinton’s old mobile phones “by breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer,” the FBI documents reveal.

The fact that Clinton’s staff attempted to destroy her old smartphones whenever they could indicates that they knew there was sensitive information on the devices.

FBI director James Comey revealed in July that Clinton had sent and received emails that were marked classified at the time, and contained information that she and her aides should have known was classified.

Federal law prohibits the unauthorized transfer, storage, or destruction of classified information. Federal records acts likewise prohibit the destruction of government documents, which would have included work-related emails on Clinton’s server and mobile devices.


When old devices containing government documents are to be destroyed, there are precise procedures to be followed, especially if the devices are storing classified information that could endanger national security in the wrong hands.

Presumably, if Clinton’s old smartphones were lost, the information in her emails would be accessible to whoever had found them or obtained them by other means.

Comey indicated that Clinton’s use of private e-mail had indeed posed a risk of being hacked by hostile powers during her travel abroad. Her cell phones certainly would have been a prime target for foreign spies.

Reminds me of the cop in Casablanca: “I’m shocked… shocked to find gambling going on here!”…

Yeah, right.

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