University Bans Man From Praying… Why? He’s Not in a ‘Free Speech Area’!

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It’s widely accepted that the only people allowed to exercise their freedom of speech now days are liberals and Muslims. Prayer and freedom of speech are two things that are generally attacked on college campuses. It’s hardly surprising anymore, it is after all 2016. Where old men are allowed to pretend a 6-year-old girl is fit for a wife, and you are not allowed to disagree with it.

But, until now, we haven’t seen anything as crazy as free speech areas.

When a student was walking across Clemson’s campus she saw a man praying. (A horrible offense we know) She said: “…We sat down to pray for a few minutes,”

“When we finished, a man from the university approached us and said he could not be praying there because it was not a ‘designated free speech area’… He told him he had to leave.”

A spokesman for Clemson University told the College Fix that they wouldn’t (more like couldn’t) ask the man to leave or interrupt his prayer, they said people could pray anywhere on campus. BUT, individuals or groups that have no affiliation with the university must register certain activities so that they can be done in “appropriate areas”

Yep, that actually happened. To be fair, the campus-stranger policy itself does seem understandable. That is, if the rules apply to everyone. Not just people trying to pray (see Elementary School Calls Cops on Student… For Handing Out Bible Verses?!). Still, the major problem here? The school designated “free speech areas.” And they’re exactly what you think. Places where people can speak freely without fear of consequences…


Why does it matter? Clemson liberals transitioned from having “safe spaces” on campus to making the entire campus a safe space. Instead of safe spaces, you have free spaces. Also, those free spaces operate according their rules. Now take that ideology and apply it to a larger scale. For instance, nationally. See the problem?

America is a “free speech zone.”
Yes, the entire country. Deal with it. You may not like that this man prays. He may not like you don’t pray. Why should there be a winner or loser? Free speech is just that: freedom. You’re free to not like it, not free to ban it.

Liberals have made it as obvious as Bernie’s receding hairline, that freedom of speech should be prohibited. Now society is evolving, we have safe spaces becoming the norm, while, freedom becomes a thing of the past.

We have already seen many many examples of this, let’s take a gander at Canada. A Canadian Man was arrested for ‘Islamophobic’ social media posts.

If you want to see this in action just waltz onto any liberal college campus. It won’t be hard to spot.

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