ULTIMATE BURN: South Park Roasts Unfunny Female Comedians!

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South Park couldn’t have had better timing, America could really use a good laugh at themselves. There’s always a bunch of great stuff on that show but Eric Cartman says it best…

“Just do woman’s comedy stuff…”

An internet troll is harassing girls by making degrading comments on our school message board. The girls are very upset, and many male students believe that it’s just because girls don’t have a sense of humor.

Just the other day in the hallway, I heard two male students saying how the new Ghostbusters sucked balls. I was shocked and appalled. It is time for us to all accept that girls are cool and women are funny.

Wendy, say something funny. Just do woman’s comedy stuff. You know, talk about how fat you are and how you want to have sex with guys, and say ‘my vagina’ a lot.
Okay, “talk about how fat you are” and “say ‘my vagina’ a lot”? How is that not dead on accurate for female comedians? We’re looking at you, Amy Schumer.

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The girls droned on to say that if all men aren’t upset about an internet troll, than all men are to blame…hmm sound logic there. But, hey when in doubt just blame the men!

Crowder gave some very good advice! He said: “you men of the white racial persuasion? Identify as a girl. That seems to solve everything.”

Trey and Matt also brought back the giant douche and the turd sandwich. Which, let’s be honest, how else do you describe 2016? I can’t think of a better way. Other ways, sure, but better? May go to is “The Emperor has no clothes, but he does have a penis. Let’s let him pee with little girls,” kind of thing. Turd sandwich is more concise.

South Park deserves an award of bravery, they have gone where few entertainment shows are willing to go…the truth.

Now, all we need to do is make our current times a parody, rather than reality.

Speaking of female comedians gabbing about their lady parts…

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