Two Women Are Married, Half A Year Later Police Discover Their Nasty Secret

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Same-sex marriage has become increasingly more popular and acceptable across America. So, it’s no surprise that the boundaries of normalcy are tested and skewed. However even 6 months after this lesbian couple were “united” law enforcement became informed of their nasty little secret, and it’s downright disturbing.

This isn’t the first time Patricia has committed this offense. You see, she lives in Oklahoma…

Misty Spann and Patrica were overjoyed when they were able to get married this past March. Unfortunately, when the honeymoon phase had just started to blossom, nearly six months after they tied the knot, police received a tip and made a visit to the home to check on the welfare of their children.

Then, cops were less than thrilled as they learned the couple’s nasty little secret – they were mother and daughter, having an incestuous marriage. It only gets worse from there.

Misty and her two brothers were raised by their grandparents after their mother Patricia lost custody of them. Several years passed by without contact, then the mother and daughter reunited two years ago and became lovers.

Patricia said “she didn’t think that she was breaking any laws by marrying Misty because her name is no longer listed on her daughter’s birth certificate,” To more accurately describe how twisted this mother is with her children, she also married one of her biological sons in 2008. The marriage was annulled in March of 2010.

It was about time this crazy Oklahoma woman was locked up, and as of last Friday a warrant was issued for both of their arrests. They’re being held in jail, with the charges of incest hanging above their heads.

These women are seriously unstable! You have to have a really messed up brain to find your FAMILY attractive in a sexual way. It seems reports like this keep surfacing, it makes you wonder why…why can’t people choose someone other than family, out of everyone that exists in this world?

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