TV Host Wonders:“Clinton Can’t Remember “C” Means Classified, but Memorized Debate Buzz Words?”

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Sorry, I’m not a cheerleader here. Yes, I wanted to see Hillary lose, BADLY. In fact, I’d like to see her on the floor, twitching from a seizure. Metaphorically, obviously, I’m not really that sick.

The thing is… this is real debate time. They’re fighting for leadership of the free world, and these are our candidates.

We can quibble all we want over spilled milk candidate-wise, but what’s the point? We have Trump, and now, the Democrats are stuck with Hillary.

The first big debate was Monday night and they were at each other’s throats.

Many expected Trump to come out swinging like a crazy madman. But, when he was calm thoughtful and measured, it shocked us all.

He showed amazing restraint and grace in the face of lies and biased moderating.

Trump also was able to successfully showcase his America First plan, where the needs of ALL AMERICANS come before refugees, illegals, and foreign interests.

Hillary represents the same thing we’ve got now.

A stagnant economy, global politics, and dangerous progressive ideologies.

Trump is the candidate of CHANGE.

Tomi Lahren wonders how Clinton, who couldn’t even remember that “C” meant “Classified” could memorize all of her debate “buzz words?”

See the video!

What do you think? Did Trump do well, or did Hillary? Don’t worry, we have two more left to go. I’d say lots more work is needed for Trump…. A lot.

Our liberal media will give this one to Hillary. Obviously. You already knew that. But it was more neutral than a full on beatdown.

Let’s lighten the mood a little, watch Hillary compared to Hitler.

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