Thug Instructs Others ‘Like A Coach’ During Gang Rape

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There is a 35-minute audio recording, that was described in a Maryland courtroom that was absolutly horrifying.

“Hold her down,” the young man ordered.

This sickening voice belonged to Cecil Burrows, 23, who was sentenced to a whoping 18 months in jail for his role in what prosecutors described as a gang rape of a nearly comatose woman. This disturbed man, Burrows, not only recorded the rape, he called out instructions.

“Cecil, he like a coach,” one of the attackers was heard saying.

Authorities assume the victim was probably drunk or drugged during the assault.


The sentencing of Burrows concludes a case that stretched over four years. It involved a once-menacing gang named Little R and at least two members who turned on each other. On Thursday, the backstory of Burrows’s life also emerged. He was born in Mumbai. When he was 4, his mother emigrated for the United States, leaving Burrows in India. He moved in with his grandparents, then with relatives who lived in a slum, according to his attorney. He came to Montgomery County when he was 12 and joined a gang.

“I felt a sense of love, connection and belonging in a way I never felt before,” Burrows said in court Thursday. “I also knew that to challenge them was to risk getting kicked out violently.”

In handing down the 18-month sentence, Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Sharon Burrell was effectively imposing a term of three years and two months. That’s because Burrows had been in jail for 617 days since his arrest and agreed to forego being credited for that time at sentencing.

At slightly more than three years, though, the sentence for a second-degree sex offense was less than prosecutors sought. Assistant State’s Attorney Patrick Mays asked for closer to 13 years, which was the maximum under an earlier plea deal he’d reached with Burrows’s attorney.

Mays said Burrows was obviously enjoying recording and coaching the assault. “Make no mistake about it, it was funny for him,” he said. “It was fun for him.”

Arguing for a longer sentence, the attorny, “This is about punishment. This is about incapacitation, taking a dangerous person out of circulation for as much time as possible.”

The judge had previous experience with Burrows, he spared him jail time in a 2011 during a theft case. Just before issuing the new sentence, Burrell indicated she wanted to make it in line with the punishments handed to others in the case.

This case almost got overlooked if it hadn’t been for one of the Little R gang members showing a co-worker a “funny” video on his cellphone. The video showed three men having sex with a woman who was “out of it,” the co-worker later told authorities.

Detectives obtained the phone and found the graphic video on it. Their investigation concluded a sexual assault had obviously taken place in the townhouse where Burrows lived.

Dectectives said that “On the recording,” “a female can be heard crying out and asking for them to stop. . . . About six minutes into the recording, a male voice can be heard remarking that she is sitting there like she is dead, then one subject asks in a louder voice, ‘Are you alive? Hello?’ ”

As the recording continued, Burrows could be heard giving instructions, at one point asking, “Who’s next?”

The victim was heard screaming and saying in a slurred speech to stop, according to court records.

These men do not deserve the typical light punishment our corrupt system hands out to rapists. This woman got a life sentence, she’ll never be the same, why should we show these sick bastards any kind of mercy when clearly, they had none for ytheir victim.

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