The Philadelphia Eagles, NFL, ESPN and Guilty White Liberals: Go to Hell

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The Philadelphia Eagles squared off with Chicago Bears in Chicago tonight (Monday) – in SOLDIER FIELD – Illinois’s largest war memorial.. Yet some of the Eagles still chose to protest the National Anthem.

In a sacred place to Veterans everywhere in America. Everywhere in the world.


#51 #27 #33 – I hope you blow your knees out your ass.

Before the anthem, the little unqualified, but cutie ESPN/ABC girl, gave a sweet little report of the important planned protest – never once mentioning Veterans or the sacrifice they’ve made so she can have her little broadcasting job.



I’ve personally had enough. These a-hole multi-millionaires can kiss my black ass. Going forward I do NOT care about any cause which concerns race, blacklivesmatter, creed, ethnicity, nation of origin (unless it’s America), or any charity, event, movement associated with such ever again.

My whole life I’ve been doing my best as a white person to spread the idea of equality of opportunity, with the knowledge of just how ignorant judging by skin color is. I’m not going to sit and brag about my charitible activities over my lifespan but it is extensive -ESPECIALLY where it concerns racial inequality.

But buddy – you lost me. Schmell you later. No more.

And lest you think I’m talking about blacks, think again you jerks: This is about white liberals and their sick ilk. You use race and minorities to push forward your agenda and to gain power. You’re the Party of slavery, Separate but Equal, Jim Crow, anti-civil Rights and now this repulsive crap.

Furthermore – I’ve been a lifelong football and specifically, Chicago Bears fan. The fact that ABC was not condeming this cowardly bullshit and Da Bears and the NFL seems oh, so high-and-mighty about this “protest”  – and not giving a rat’s ass about Veteran’s is all I can stand.



Go to hell. Every one of you.

I wake up every day and listen to white liberals drive the narrative that I’m a bad person by virtue of my parents skin color and I recognize the history of race in America, but sorry – whoever you are you can fight this fight without me ever again.

I repeat: Go to hell and don’t come looking for me for anything where it concerns race because without Veteran’s – you don’t have a country, you don’t have the NFL, you don’t have millions of dollars you sicko Philadelphia Eagles and ABC broadcasting.

My father named me after his best buddy who made the ultimate sacrifice in action in Korea. But now you’ve lost a warrior in me and I’m never coming back. Raise awareness? Raise this you dumbass pr*cks.rlcdad petco med

That’s me on the right and on the left – a guy who fought for your right to be a complete asshole. Good job.


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says the league will encourage players to use their voice to promote social change as the demonstrations during the national anthem started by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick last month continue to spread to other teams.

“Obviously, we want to respect people. We want to respect our differences. We want to respect our flag and our country, and our players understand that. So I think where they’re moving and how they’re moving there is very productive, and we’re going to encourage that…”

Really? Well how about us horrible white American conservatives stop watching the NFL, or better yet – start boycotting the advertisers.

I can only hope. I’m watching the rest of tonight’s game only to make a list of commercials. To be continued.



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@MalcolmJenkins you’re a disgrace. Shove that fist up your ass.

Good to see another ignorant football player@MalcolmJenkins raisin his fist in hate

@MalcolmJenkins disrespectful POS!!

.. indeed.


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