Texas Shop’s Display Is BEST EVER Counter-Protest Against NFL Punks

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In the Houston area, one business made it perfectly clear what their opinion is of the entitled NFL punks refusing to show respect during our National Anthem. This little shop is getting a lot of attention on social media for their clever response to the so-called “protests” and for the perfect reason.

Their display is by far the best form of counter-protest anyone has ever seen!

According to reports, “The Man Cave” cigar lounge thought of this classic idea to show just what Americans think of Colin Kaepernick and footballers who have jumped on his America-bashing bandwagon.

Only five days ago, the pictures of the counter-protest display were released onto Facebook and now have a whopping 90,000 shares.


The Kaepernick 49ers jersey has been doubling as a doormat at the cigar lounge since September, 2nd when a customer brought it in and apparently put it down as a sort of throw rug. “It just got kicked around a lot,” Jim Herndon said. “So we just decided, we’ll just tape it down and kinda just stuck. Literally, it stuck to the sidewalk. It stuck and it’s gone viral online.”

It’s reported that it hasn’t been a source of upset or topic of debate in the store since it appeared. Instead, the customers don’t say much, but they do let their feet do the talking. “Everybody who walked in would kind of wipe their feet on it,” General Manager Clint Denny said.

Denny attributes the lack of conflict over the new doormat at the store’s physical location to the fact that most of his customers are older, conservative Americans. However, there is a war waging in the comments section under the Facebook post that is full of venom and nasty adult language from people who obviously believe that Kaepernick’s “freedom of speech” trumps everyone else’s. Oh, the irony.

Denny is standing his ground, on the Kaepernick Jersey, he isn’t deterred by the online conflict, and says the Kaepernick doormat will stay in spite of the whiners. “We don’t plan on taking it up anytime soon,” he stated.

Denny says that Kaepernick has the right to peacefully protest however he wishes, “but we have the right to disagree.”

Apparently, the reports of 49ers’ jersey sales increasing might have some truth to them after all, and now, it finally makes sense.

The additional sales are not in support of our little traitor, but, are due to brilliant counter-protests rather than a rise in this disrespectful punk’s popularity. Suddenly, I feel the need to go shopping, and perhaps also, stomp on very muddy pile of jerseys.

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