SUDDENLY HER PURSE STARTED SMOKING, The Employee Backed Slowly Away, Then Ran!

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What woman doesn’t love a good purse? One New Jersey woman loved purses so much that she emptied her wallet just so she’d have a place to put it when she strutted her stuff at the mall. The price tag on that pretty little purse was $1,200. You’d think she would have been more careful…

Addictions can be awful things, Mara McInerney knew the struggle all too well, she was trying to quit smoking cigarettes. While buying into the E-cigarette craze she carried them on her, in her new fancy pants purse. That’s when things came to a devastatingly terrifying reality. She bought them so she would be smoking safely and causing less harm, little did she know she was about to do the exact opposite.

Mara was at a Sunglass Hut counter speaking to the salesperson when a huge cloud of smoke poured out of the purse. The employee got spooked and took off running while McInerney backed slowly away.

She grabbed the purse and dumped everything on the floor to find the cause of the smoke, but it was too late to save the bag, her wallet, several pieces of jewelry and an undetermined amount of cash. Every treasure she kept in her purse had either melted or burned.

McInerney told reporters that the battery of her e-cigarette had been in a pocket by itself and exploded.
She says she had no idea that the devices could pose any real danger and won’t be using them anymore since she has a young daughter at home.

“At least it wasn’t one of my Chanels,” McInerney mentioned.

Not only was this seriously dumb of the manufacturers to make such a dangerous, product but, it was dumb of them to make it seem like puffing on one of these fake flammable cancer sticks would be “healthier” than the real deal.

Maybe next time people will consider quitting cold turkey…

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