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Anthony Weiner may have gotten “pervert of the week” award, now we have another nationally known name that’s trying to steal Weiner’s limelight.

Jared Fogle, the shamed former pitchman for the beloved Subway sandwich empire, feels justified in his actions. He is ready to file a lawsuit against one of the sexual abuse victims parents, to shift the blame away from his own perverted crimes. Jared stated, “Victim’s parents to blame”

It would almost make you chuckle, (but you can’t because he actually hurt little children) that he has the nerve to blame the victim’s parents for the entire disaster. In court on Thursday Subway’s sexual sicko, Jared announced that it was the parents who caused their daughters destructive habits, which ultimately led to his imprisonment…because her parents made her do it. Hmmm, sound logic there, sandwich man.

Another little flaw Jared wants ersaed from his record are the girls injuries, so, he’s tacked that onto the tab while he’s at it.

The victim was a subject in some of the child pornography in Fogle’s criminal case and filed a lawsuit against him in March. It seeks monetary damages for, among other things, personal injury and emotional distress.

Fogle’s filing alleges the parents fought and abused alcohol in front of her. It argues that’s among the causes of her distress and contends the parents may be liable for some or all of her claims against Fogle.

Fogle was sentenced in November to more than 15 years in prison after pleading guilty to distributing and receiving child pornography and traveling out of state to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor. Fogle has paid restitution to his victims, but they can still sue him and seek additional money.

The parents are not named in the court documents, and the victim is referred to only by the pseudonym “Jane Doe.”

Fogle’s Thursday filing also points the finger at the parents’ divorce, describing it as acrimonious. “Custody and parenting time (agreements),” it says, “required Jane Doe to constantly rotate her living arrangements caused unnecessary stress, anxiety, and trauma for Jane Doe.”

The victim’s lawsuit is trying for at least $300,000. What a huge fall from grace for this smiley guy who everyone thought wanted to help children with his charity, not hurt them.

After the scandal was revealed, his wife left him and the judge chucked his booty in the slammer, where he has been beaten multiple times…200 (1) Child molesters are always the bottom of the food chain behind the bars and Mr. Fogle has a long time to go before he is free to go on the prowl for underage victims again.

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