Street Performer Awes Internet with Amazing Voice! [Video]

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It’s not often that you find yourself walking down the street and suddenly hear a beautiful voice. Now, I think I’m a descent singer, but this woman’s voice is AMAZING. To top it off, she’s a street performer. Someone should get her name and sign her up for the next American Idol contest or at least send the video to Simon Cowell.

If you like Ave Maria…this is really good!

Ana Tinoni was walking the streets of Santiago de Compostela when she discovered this angelic street performer.

According to a comment left by Tinoni:

“…I uploaded the video because I was casually strolling through the streets of Santiago de Compostela on my first visit there and I heard this beautiful voice out of nowhere. At first I thought it must have been a street loudspeaker projecting music from the Cathedral that was close by and then I saw this lady just casually sitting there on the street playing and singing so sweetly and with her eyes closed that I instantly thought I needed to record it.”

Tinoni elaborated that she initially intended to keep the video private but felt the need to share the woman’s beautiful voice, despite not getting her name. Knowing the internet, she’ll probably be identified within a day and a gofundme will be established to achieve whatever goal she happened to be busking for.

Like I said, pretty good right? So who’s going to send this video to Simon Cowell?


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